Drifter – Catch My Drift

Released: July 16th, 2012

Starting out pretty much unknown a few short months ago, Drifter has been teasing the scene with fresh bars and real life songs. First came his unexpected SBTV Warm Up Session, which went down a treat. More freestyles followed but it was Only If You Knew (feat. P Money) and Bars & Flows (both premiered by Logan Sama on Kiss FM and also receiving support from BBC Radio 1Xtra and Rinse FM) that really displayed Drifter’s true ability to make absolute bangers. Yes, we feel more than comfortable making that claim.

Now Drifter’s debut mixtape, Catch My Drift has arrived. A grimey twelve track treat featuring artists P Money, Little Dee, A2, Pacman and Larissa. And production from Faze Miyake, Dot RottenRude Kid, Psythe, A2 and Soun’Wave to name a few.

“I’ve been working on this mixtape for ages, I’ve always wanted to do one but I was slacking, now I’m serious and everything’s just been moving so fast I don’t know what took me so long in the first place! I’ve picked my favourite beats (old and new) for this and I hope everyone’s feeling it”.


  1. New Beginnings
  2. Not Today
  3. Where You Been?
  4. Done For The Scene (feat. Skitz & A2)
  5. Bars & Flows
  6. Levelling Me
  7. Get Out (feat. Larissa)
  8. Who Am I (feat. A2)
  9. Killing The Scene (feat. Pacman)
  10. Feel You (feat. Little Dee & Larissa)
  11. Only If You Knew (feat. P Money)
  12. Only If You Knew (feat. P Money) [True Tiger Remix]