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Hello All!

How are you?

You good?

You great?

You feeling sexy?

You looking scrumptious?

You living your dreams?


I’m doing all of the above (errrr YES I feel sexy whilst I sit up in bed in an old polo shirt with scruffy dirty joggers on … unbathed)

Since we last spoke – I’ve been receiving endless joy and lols from hosting This Is Not A Rave on the last Friday of every month at Proud Camden – If you haven’t been to one yet…. beeeeeee’ave!


Next one’s on Jan 31st init!



I’ve also been on radio – of course, chatting (s**t) to the Drivetime listeners, completing challenges and playing some of my favourite music at the moment!


Happy New Year & everything

I would love to show you some of the videos that were made on New Years Eve / Day @ Shiezel’s house but I just can’t bring myself to upload ANOTHER video of myself doing/saying things my parents will shudder to see & hear!

Wishing everyone happiness, prosperity & love

Hoping you have a great month, year & life tbh & tbf

Peace & Jollof


SighTracked Blogs: Digital Designer