SighTracked Blogs: Freelance Events Co-ordinator

OK so I’ve never done one of these before, I’m actually quite nervous! *thinks to self; What to write? What to write?*

Having joined SighTracked only 3 months ago on a freelance basis, I feel it’s only right I discuss why I joined in the first place:

  1. Because Sian’s a badman and makes an ol’ foot like me look bad!
  2. Because the SighTracked team are AMAZING!
  3. THIS IS NOT A RAVE!!! (Quick plug below)


I’m enjoying the journey with This Is Not A Rave, every month we face many highs and lows but what’s important is that we work well as a team and I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without them. BIG UP DA CREWDEM! *gunfingers*

When I’m not undertaking ST tasks, I’I’m undertaking mother duties to a hilarious 6 year old boy called Marcell – this is the most important job of all!


I also develop/manage a live hip hop band called Noblemen, they are truly amazing musicians. I’m a great believer of developing your craft first and foremost, create quality music over quantity hence why most of you haven’t heard of them yet but I say ‘not before its time’.

And if that wasn’t enough I also dabble in other freelance music projects and in Investment Banking!

I’m tired man, time to hibernate! I hope that intro suffice your expectation; I’m glad you got to see a glimpse of Tizzles World!

Peace & Love

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Tania (aka Tizzles)

SighTracked Blogs: Freelance Events Co-ordinator