SighTracked Presents: This Is Not A Rave @ Proud Camden | October 25, 2013

Over at SighTracked we have a burgeoning range of talent on the books so we feel it’s only right to show them off every once in a while. Hosted over at Proud Camden“SighTracked Presents: This Is Not a Rave,” kick starts on the 25th October, the perfect way to end your week. It promises to be a night packed with performances from some of the UK’s leading acts and an assortment of renowned DJ’s what’s more is that this is not a one off event..Oh no, we are coming to you monthly!


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Previous SighTracked events have drawn some of the UK’s most beloved acts including the likes of GFrsh, Sincere, Angel and P Money. This time around is no different as we’re bringing plenty of leading acts along with us. Check out the incredible line up below; you won’t be disappointed:


Godfather of Grime Wiley is perhaps one of the most successful musicians to hail from these shores in the past decade. His latest album The Ascent entered the top 30 of the album charts and spawned No.1 single Heatwave.

DJ Swerve

DJ Swerve has honed his trade in the arts of DJing, production and radio; catch him spinning tracks through the airwaves on the legendary Kiss FM; twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The Heatwave

In their own words, Dancehall crew The Heatwave, “cause insanity all over the world.” Well get ready as it seems their next stop is London!

CJ Beatz

DJ CJ Beatz has found a home on BBC Radio 1Xtra where he hosts a radio show every Monday at 10pm.

+ Special Surprise Guest

It just wouldn’t be SighTracked if we didn’t have any special surprises in store!

We weren’t lying were we? From chart toppers and former battle rappers to international dancehall crews and esteemed DJ’s, your taste is catered for. SighTracked Presents: This Is Not a Rave, promises to be an event you can’t miss, so come and join us for the inaugural night on the 25th!

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SighTracked Presents: This Is Not A Rave @ Proud Camden | October 25, 2013