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Sian Andie Anderson is a 23 year-old media powerhouse. As well as running her own PR Company and a role as marketing manager at Atlantic Records, Sian is about to embark on a journey on BBC Radio 1Xtra as a specialist DJ & presenter.

Her journey started back when she dropped out of college shortly after receiving a D in her A-Level Media class. “When I got that grade it was around the time I had my first piece published in The South London Press and the London Paper as a journalist,” says Sian. “I had also just presented on BBC Sound for BBC 2 and it made me doubt education/ grades and how I was being judged on my abilities, so I left to experience media first hand.” And so the stage was set; she left college but her mum offered her an ultimatum: she could pursue her already burgeoning career as long as she was actively working two weeks from her drop out date. Otherwise she was to enrol in college again. Sian delivered, and hasn’t looked back since.

Once free from class timetables and homework, Sian delved fully into the world of media and today is the proud owner of SighTracked – a company specialising in PR, Consultancy and Project Management. As well as being a marketing manager at Atlantic Records for various UK/ US artists, she is also a popular radio broadcaster and TV presenter.

Like all entrepreneurs, Sian started out with humble beginnings. At first she was writing for herself on a blog she created, finding journalism the perfect place to express and talk about her love for music. Between the ages of 16 to 19, she was a freelance journalist writing for the Guardian, South London Press & RWD Magazine and contributor of the youth publication Live Magazine. She wrote the popular ‘Grime Girl articles’ for Red Bull’s Daily Note newspaper, which became a hit with readers. On the flipside she published a compelling political piece for the Guardian that ignited a social commentary on the relationship between young people and politics. This particular interest in politics and wanting to make a difference came from her having joined Ctrl.Alt.Shift. a Christian Aid initiative aimed to engage 14 to 25 year olds in global injustice and social development, this led to her participating in flash mobs and protesting outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy. She worked there for over a year. “It was a perfect job that embodied all of my interests – from music, events and politics – with the platform and freedom to demonstrate and express them effectively.”

After such experiences, she naturally outgrew the role of contributor and went on to work her way through the editorial ranks at Live Magazine. It’s an experience that she holds close and credits as ‘inspiring and insightful’. The role also allowed her to move and become the editor of Life in Colour Magazine. During those years as a journalist, Sian found herself rising to a number of challenges, which helped her to grow exponentially in experience and knowledge.

It wasn’t long before Sian found herself taking on a new job role as a PR.  It’s common knowledge that Journalists and PR work hand in hand within the realm of media, so she was privy to the practices and methods of PR through day-to-day contact and experience. When she took great interest in a few artists who had no representation at the time, Sian took them under her wing and begun to enhance areas of their careers. She ended up being instrumental in the careers of Ed Sheeran, P Money and many other artists. She was major factor in the early success of Ed-Sheeran controlled the PR and an collaborative elements for his Number 5 Collaborations EP, that then went on to conquer the iTunes charts by falling short of number one to none other than Rihanna. This snowballed into Sheeran signing a record deal with Asylum/Atlantic Records. Not only was she instrumental to Ed-Sheeran’s career but also Grime artist P Money. Sian managed all his releases between 2009 and 2011 and he too received the Midas touch that Sian had brought to her clients so far, P Money went on to be featured on big UK releases and embarked on a number of critically acclaimed tours as a support act for Example, Magnetic Man and Katy B.

Outside of Journalism and PR, Sian continued to play her hand as a broadcaster.  It began with her friend Julie (currently the Drive Time presenter on Rinse FM) where they recorded a demo for Rinse FM on their phones. It wasn’t until a year later that the radio station contacted them and offered them a show. Her time on Rinse FM was great and she was a popular personality on the station both in the office and with her audience. Sian realised just how much she loved radio and wanted to broadcast which naturally blossomed into Sian becoming a TV presenter and hosting on programs such as Channel 4’s Topman CTRL – Females in Grime alongside Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and featuring on T4’s Frock Me with Alexa Chung and Henry Holland.

Having recently covered for Clara Amfo, Adele Roberts and DJ Target on 1Xtra and on Radio 1 for Charlie Sloth as part of International Womens Day, Sian was announced as a new addition the BBC Radio 1Xtra roster on Thursday 5th June 2014. Her show airs weekly on Wednesdays from 10pm – 1am.